Mrpixel is a photography studio located in the heart of Wynwood.
Our studio is designed with meticulous attention to every detail to provide the perfect environment for your creative vision. The specifications of our technical facilities are as follows:

Total Area: Our studio encompasses a spacious area of 2400 square feet, allowing unrestricted freedom of movement and configuration.
Infinity Wall: Our studio’s shooting area extends to approximately 18’-10” x 16’-6”.
Specialized Lighting System: We feature an advanced lighting system, ranging from natural light schemes to technical studio lighting, providing the necessary flexibility to accommodate any vision.
Interchangeable Backdrops: We offer interchangeable backdrops in various colors and textures to suit your creative needs, from portrait sessions to commercial productions.
Wardrobe and Makeup Area: Our studio includes a dedicated space for wardrobe and makeup, designed for the comfort and convenience of both models and production teams.

Please note that measurements and technical terms have been retained in the translation to maintain accuracy and clarity. If you have any further requests or adjustments, feel free to let me know!

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